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Everything you need to know about our Company

Our Vision

Foster an environment that creates innovative thinking, commitment to excellence, and sustainable solutions for our stakeholders.

Our Mission

To provide best-in-industry services to our customers.

Our Services

  • Ocean and Air Freight
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Supply Chain IT Solutions

Our Values

A company built on Integrity


Trust, respect, and civility bring out the best in people. We respect and behave ethically toward each other and our external partners. We practice social and civic responsibility in the greater communities to which we belong.


We value our membership in the lifelong community that is broadly diverse. We believe that differences make Star Asia a richer community and provide the necessary contexts for shared accomplishment. We welcome and value people and their perspectives and respect the interests of all our employees.


We have a long-standing commitment to a culture that fosters creativity, risk taking, continuous improvement, leadership and entrepreneurial spirit. We encourage people to take the initiative and to make a difference.


Our commitment to cross-disciplinary collaboration and to working closely with people defines the practices of Star Asia. Together with our team, and with our external partners, we create a learning and working experience that is greater than the sum of its parts.


Star Asia is committed to excellence. Ours is a community in which all employees can achieve their personal best. We seek to support each other thoughtfully for continuous growth and development.

We are C-TPAT certified and an IATA company with OTI License # 16059 NF.